5 node farm

Are you running a CMS tutorial or demonstration?

Get a server that contains a farm of multiple Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal instances so you can teach and demonstrate. Overcome the limitations and hassles of your onsite systems without compromising on security.

Noxidsoft is a local Queensland business always looking for ways to provide innovative solutions for their fellow business entreprenuers, the 3 levels of government and schools.

What does a typical farm include:

Which CMS’s do we cover (each student/users gets their own website space):

Setup of the typical Joomla CMS 5 node farm looks like this:

JTutor - Administrator / Frontend - Single user signon for tutor - useful to work with node users through demonstrations, test extensions, tryout templates

NodeTeam - Administrator / Frontend - Multi signon for all nodes and JTutor already setup ready for team collaboration by using the original signon credentials given for each node and JTutor

Prices follow:

Get started:

Request a quote - Let us know the dates, CMS prefered and farm quantity required. Check if you need us to do backups, otherwise you can do it yourself, we recommend using an extension called Akeeba (link) (Joomla only) which is great for students to capture all their work after the course / demonstration is complete.

* DOES NOT apply to $110 per day option as this really counts as a setup fee, so it is non-refundable
** Farm leases are open to Australian based business and residents only