Custom software, data transformation
web support and consultation.

Noxidsoft offers web support remotely.


Design software
assessment and consultation

Noxidsoft can help you break down the problem and design a solution for the short and/or long term. Find experience with Open-Source or Proprietary software.


Develop software
creation & iteration from design

Get experienced software development for the web. Integration with API's, web services & database connection. Custom solutions from the ground up, off-the-shelf or extend what you have.


Deploy software
installation, testing & production

Noxidsoft can/will deploy your solution and maintain it over time. You can also request maintenance services for the long or short term. Need help with support after your solution is deployed, Noxidsoft can assist via on-site or remote maintenance tasking.

Work | Production | Maintenance

Web-support, direct development or acting as integration partners. These items cover
samples of our past & current commercial, community & government clientele.

Find more of our Work here

  • Council Website & Intranet

    The Toowoomba region is about rich traditions and bold ambitions. Council services a regional population of 163,000 and employs a team of approximately 1,800 staff.

  • Council Events register

    The events register is a community resource where anyone can submit an event and have it listed for the world to see. It is integrated with the ATDW database via API.

  • Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

    Since 2012, Noxidsoft has been proud to be involved with integration and maintenance of this world famous Carnival of Flowers website.

  • NotGoogle search engine

    A search engine that keeps privacy private, and is ad free, while not selling your info.

  • HazAlerts

    An emergency, general info, road issues website designed to bring you information from across the country as a live stream.

    One Site, One Source!

  • Dam storage charts

    This set of charts created with custom administration features allows the council to disseminate relevant rainfall and dam level metrics.

  • Toowoomba Region Election 2016

    A portfolio for each candidate based on public information pulled from local news and Official Election sources available at the time.

  • Timelogger

    Time tracking for Remote Dev’s and Contractors!


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