Changes to Hosting

Changes to our hosting services from 1st September 2019.

From September 1st 2019

What is happening?

Please be advised that Noxidsoft will be making further changes to our domain and hosting services. It has come to our attention that our current supplier is no longer Australian owned. Noxidsoft hosting will be in a transition period for the next 12 to 24 months, moving our clientele back onto solid and accredited Australian services. We will continue to offer personalised support; I will always fight to offer affordable hosting and well priced domain names, without compromising on quality.

The solution

All new accounts and services will be pointed to our cost effective, Australian based, self-hosted and managed solutions so that you are still able to retain full control of your accounts. Our new hosting address will be pointed to with the following link.

Noxidsoft will take care of all the hard work and technical parts, but do expect plenty of email notification of any changes. If your domain has not been renewed recently, you may be eligible to extend your domain by 1 year for free, which means I will transfer your domain sooner; alternatively, if your domain is not currently due for renewal, we will wait until it is. You are of course free at any time to contact us with questions and queries.

I am not technical, help???

Don’t worry, when it comes time to tranfer / transition your website assets, I will do all the heavy lifting and keep you well informed. Because I am technically minded, please do let me know if you don’t understand something I am trying to explain.

What about billing?

If you already have a website hosted or domain(s) registered with Noxidsoft, things will still work in a similar way. There will be a new portal to log into, but I will set up the initial account for you, transferring your current business and contact details. Domains will be billed in a similar way to now, an email reminder will still be sent out when renewal becomes due. This will be the same for those who use our self-serve website file space as well; these are managed from the same portal as domains. Power users, where Noxidsoft is managing your website files and services on our fast Vultr (Sydney based) server, will receive an annual $95 (AUD GST inclusive) direct invoice from us.

If you have any questions at any stage of the process please do contact me in the usual way » Contact us

Noel Dixon @ Noxidsoft

* Disclosure: Noxidsoft has been an affiliate of Digital Pacific for a number of years. We receive a portion of fees for any successful sales that have been identified as sourced through Noxidsoft. is a reseller of TPPWholesale, just like