Changes to Hosting

Changes to our hosting services from 1st July 2019.

From July 2019

What is happening?

Please be advised that Noxidsoft will no longer be registering domain or website hosting services through our own Reseller setup. You will not be able to renew your account(s) hosting services currently held with and/or systems. While domains will be active on our old reseller address, we would prefer you not to renew or register new domains there as we will be closing off that service permanently from July 1st 2021, if not sooner.

The solution

All new accounts and services will be pointed to cost effective, Australian based, Digital Pacific self-hosted solutions so that you are still able to retain full control of your accounts. They come highly recommended for their service and support; Noxidsoft sends all local government and commercial requests for service their way because we trust them.

Digital Pacific promo

To renew services (domains & web hosting) you will need to sign-up* for a new account on the Digital Pacific hosting website and then re-register, move and/or redirect your services from there. Alternatively, you can make other arrangements to bring your domain(s) and website(s) to another provider with the usual full service support expected from Noxidsoft. If your domain has not been renewed recently, you may be eligible to extend your domain by 1 year for free.

I am not technical, help???

Noxidsoft is able to assist you in any migration work if you wish. Additionally, we can register a new Digital Pacific account on your behalf and make the required technical changes and transfers as needed.

If you have any questions at any stage of the process please do contact me in the usual way » Contact us

Noel Dixon @ Noxidsoft

* Disclosure: Noxidsoft has been an affiliate of Digital Pacific for a number of years. We receive a portion of fees for any successful sales that have been identified as sourced through Noxidsoft.